Dressing Up Your Smartphone – Cyber-Bling For Your IPhone

One of the absolute coolest new features to the Smartphone technology that we’ve seen in recent years has got to be the ability to personalize. My own phone, which is only two years old now, seems extremely outdated in comparison to these new phones, like your Sidekicks and Blackberries, which have tons of different features as it is. My phone only has four wallpapers you can cycle through and two different color schemes, as well as MIDI-sounding ring tones that aren’t really all that spectacular, but what I knew then to be the “norm.” Now? I call my sixteen-year-old sister and hear Sting’s “Fields of Gold” while it’s actually playing something by Rihanna on her end and she’s got a built-in camera that allows her to take pictures of her kitten to her heart’s content and turn it into a wallpaper.

So, when taking a look at my older phone and now looking at the brand new smartphones, which has the oppo f17 pro wallpapering options of a desktop computer, as well as ring tones you can buy in great quality from iTunes, it just seems unfair to have an older phone. In fact, this move towards customizing your phone has started several different websites, both legitimate and not, that are specifically geared towards giving your phone ring tones that are both free and have to be paid for. Either way, you can be assured that if you have a new phone, you’ll be able to dress it up more than a paper doll and a whole set of crayons.

In fact, there are actual commercial sites dedicated to being able to provide you with any single sort of images for your wallpapers, themes for your smartphone, ring tones galore, and even animated screen savers. Screen savers. For your phone. Doesn’t that just sound like it doesn’t make sense? But, with these new phones, the fact is that you can actually have a screen saver and even play movies on these things.

Either way, the fact is that it’s incredibly easy and convenient to dress up these phones with multiple forms of media that will make it personal and fun to look at. Take a look at some places, such as SmartPhones technologies, which is one of the leading content libraries for these kinds of multimedia out there today. You can surf the web and find several different websites that will offer you different ways to make your phone much more personal.