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Before 2008 and the creation of California’s statewide massage therapy certificate, life was difficult for corporate massage therapists in the greater Los Angeles area. Indeed, because the different municipalities of L.A. county required a municipal massage therapy license to practice legally, corporate massage therapists – who travel to offices (often located in separate municipalities) to provide onsite chair massage therapy – were limited in the areas they could work.

The creation of the California state massage therapy certificate in 2008, therefore, was a true game-changer – and lifesaver – for businesses and therapists in Los Angeles, as it ensures a simple, reliable verification of training, professionalism and legitimacy for area therapists, no matter their location in the state. In this way, the certificate is especially helpful in Los Angeles given L.A. county’s tremendous size; it is the most populous in the country, with an area larger than the size of some small states, and a population that would make it the eighth most populous state in America. Moreover, there are more than 88 incorporated cities in the county, meaning that before 2008 there was the potential for 89 (including the county) different massage licenses and professional qualifications for the therapists of L.A. County! 757 angel number

This made working in new areas difficult for corporate massage therapists as, if companies wanted massage at a different office location within the L.A. metropolitan area, therapists at one location would not be able to work legally at the other if it were located in a different municipal jurisdiction.

Beside the legal aspects, the different licensing authorities in L.A. County made it difficult for therapists to prove their professionalism to new clients as often times different municipalities had different professional standards. For example, the massage technician permit in Long Beach requires a therapist to have had 500 training hours, a respectable number. In Glendale, however, the number required is a more paltry 150 training hours. Moreover, the qualifications and training requirements for therapists in many of the other cities in Los Angeles County, including L.A. itself, are very difficult to come by, making it difficult for employers to verify a therapist’s professional qualifications and for therapists to prove their sufficient training and skill.

Which is why having a statewide massage certification for therapists in California has made being a Los Angeles corporate massage therapist much easier. Indeed, the professional qualifications a California state certified therapist must have is clearly outlined on the California Massage Therapy Council’s Website and should serve as a clear and clearly accessible way for therapists to work legally and demonstrate their competency in the many municipalities of Los Angeles.